Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is Church Militant Resistance?

A: Church Militant Resistance is a grassroots movement that helps Catholics connect, develop and take action. Our mission is to resist and reverse the evil that has infiltrated our Church and culture.

For more information, please visit the About us page by Clicking Here

Q: How do I join Church Militant Resistance?

A: You can sign up by clicking the JOIN button on the homepage, go to, or CLICK HERE.

Q: How do I know which Resistance chapter to sign up with?

A: Resistance chapters are organized by diocese.

Q: What if there is no chapter for my diocese?

A: Most USA diocese have a chapter; however, if your diocese doesn't have a chapter nyou can either email and inquire about starting one or select "other" as your diocese option.

Q: What do I do after I've signed up?

A: After signing up, your chapter captain will receive an email notifying that you've joined. Keep an eye open for an email, call or text from your captain.

Q: What if my captain has not contacted me?

A: You can lookup your captains email address on your chapter's page under the "My Chapter" tab. If you reach out to your captain and still receive no response (within a reasonable timeframe), contact HQ by emailing

Q: What if my chapter doesn't have a page under the "My Chapter" tab?