Detroit Resistance Fighting Drag Queens

Detroit Resistance

On Saturday March 11, Detroit Resistance protested a drag queen story hour at Sidetrack Bookshop in Royal Oak, Michigan. Members from other organizations, like the Grand New Party and Moms for Liberty, joined in denouncing the horror. Detroit Resistance Captain James DeSana led protesters in praying the Rosary while surrounded by enthusiastic drag supporters.

Remember, we are in a spiritual war, and spiritual weapons must be used to combat demonic forces. Church Militant's Red Top Report host, Joe Enders, covered the event and challenged those supporting the child abuse.

In the face of so much degeneracy, faithful Catholics have an obligation to push back. This event is a prime example of how to do that. Detroit Resistance, though massively outnumbered, did just that, and you can do the same in your local chapter.

For more information on the activities of Detroit Resistance, contact Captain James DeSana at

Church Militant Resistance is a grassroots movement that helps Catholics connect, develop and take action. Our goal is to resist and reverse the evil that has infiltrated our Church and culture.

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