Fighting Evil in Wichita

Martina Moyski

Fighting anti-life and demonic agendas, Church Militant Resistance members in Kansas have been busy with their boots on the ground and their voices raised in prayer.

Fr. James Mainzer praying with the group

As a grassroots movement that helps Catholics connect, develop and take action, CM Resistance has as its goal to resist and reverse the evil infiltrating the Church and culture. Chapters are organized by diocese so members can meet other local Catholics to work toward salvation through faith and action.

Wichita Resistance captain Karl Soldatov is upbeat about the work in his area but realistic about what he's up against. "The Catholic community in Wichita is very strong and faithful," he remarked. "Unfortunately, we can't stop abortion and keep out drag shows and demonic circuses, but I'm thankful for my fearless and dedicated members who resist that evil!"

Soldatov is referring to several Resistance events that have occurred recently in Wichita.

Do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the kingdom of God?

On April 1, over 30 Resistance members joined other Catholics to pray outside Wichita's Trust Women abortion mill, which murders babies up until the moment of birth. Bead by bead, they implored Our Lady to spare the babies being sacrificed regularly at the abortuary.

Bp. Carl Alan Kemme conducts Eucharistic procession

Father James Mainzer of the diocese of Wichita led attendees in the Holy Rosary. The retired priest noted recently that the world has become more pagan since he was ordained. Reflecting on similarities between contemporary culture and early Christendom, he added, "It's like we're starting all over again like in the Early Church."

The recitation of the Rosary outside the mill takes place every first Saturday. In addition, Wichita Bp. Carl Alan Kemme offers Holy Mass, conducts a eucharistic procession and performs an exorcism annually at the abortuary.

On Friday, March 31, a handful of Resistance members protested outside Wichita State University's 13th annual drag show. The show advertised performances by so-called drag queen entertainers from all over the country and also encouraged "students with any level of drag experience" to participate.

"Resistos" (as Resistance members sometimes call themselves) distributed flyers informing people about the dangers of "drag" and how it flies in the face of natural law. The flyer reminded people of St. Paul's admonition: "Do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor sodomites nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor robbers will inherit the Kingdom of God."

This is perversion, not entertainment.

They also carried signs that read, "This is perversion, not entertainment," and "Shame on men who act as women."

St. Benedict medal

Lastly, on March 30, Witchita Resistance blessed the grounds and tent area of the visiting Paranormal Cirque, which advertises itself as a "wicked performance" for "mature audiences." Its website makes it clear that it promotes the demonic and occult and launched its nationwide tour in Wichita.

Using the sacramentals of holy water and blessed salts, Resistance member Jennifer McCoy implored God's blessing on the area. She also placed a St. Benedict medal at each of the four corners of the tent. Saint Benedict medals are widely regarded for providing spiritual protection against satanic influence. One side of the medal is inscribed with the Latin initials of each line of the rite of exorcism, one of which is "Begone Satan."

To prepare for her work, McCoy went to confession beforehand and, for protection, made sure to wear a brown scapular, a miraculous medal and a St. Benedict medal.

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