IL Statewide Rallies To End Child Murder

Martina Moyski

CHICAGO ( - Illinois pro-lifers are still tallying up points for the good side after last week's successful statewide GoPublic4Life event.

An average of 40 pro-lifers met for 90 minutes on Saturday, Aug. 26 outside 11 abortion clinics across the Land of Lincoln. From 10:30 a.m. to noon they prayed — aloud and in silence —  appealing to God for an end to abortion and a spiritual revival in Illinois.

Joe Lazar, a renowned Illinois pro-lifer and faith network leader for Vision 2020, the group sponsoring the event, noted, “We ended up with 11 locations simultaneously praying for 90 minutes across the whole state ... gatherings varied in size (20 in Chicago, 150 in Aurora, and most averaging at 40 in most places).”

Joe put together a video highlighting the power of praying across a whole state like Illinois. Click Here to view.

A participant at one location said this about the day:

All these prayers had an impact. People who never ever came out before showed up! Some had abortions when they were young and wanted to join and "save a life" to make up for the life they took! Amazing day. Eight Church Militant Resistance folks at my site alone. Called upon them to give a witness and afterwards had others talking to them in the crowd about what they had stated! Others wanted to join.

What stood out was how happy those praying were versus the abortion clinics’ escorts who glared at us, always seeming unhappy. One of the escorts started flaring their arms as if her demons attacked her whenever we prayed! Interesting to note, in previous conversations with these "death escorts," I learned they were all atheists!

I learned there were many first-timers who came out to pray, and wanted to join us now. Many new friendships and connections started that day. As I told them, the nicest people come out to pray — come join us!

Another implored all those who love life in Illinois and all over the world to:

Ask God to change hearts, to instill a conviction into the conscience of all those who promote, support, defend or provide abortions. Tell Him sincerely how much this atrocity in our midst offends you, for His sake, and for the sake of all the lives being destroyed. I know He hears and answers all our prayers. We trust in Him.

Church Militant's Chicago Resistance chapter members were present at various locations and had a large role in advertising the event. Chapter Captain Claudia Grutsch says there are plans in the work for more consolidated prayer efforts across all regions, some targeting one abortuary at a time.

Grutsch invites participation in our efforts by not only the surrounding churches and their pro-life groups, but also other local pro-life groups, such as Northwest Families for Life and Pro-Life Action League, which made a big impact.

Chicago Resistance member Nick Costello said of the Des Plaines gathering:

I was pleasantly surprised at the mostly positive reactions from drivers because I'm so aware of how Illinois is one of the most pro-abortion states in America. Of course, a few drivers also gave us the middle finger while shouting obscenities as they drove by, which is to be expected from those whose values have been warped by our anti-life culture.
 I am confident that many souls were touched by the grace of God. May the ministry of public prayer on behalf of unborn babies continue to grow and bear fruit!

In a state permeated with anti-life efforts, these faithful Catholics have countered with an endeavor that should encourage us all to never give up the fight.  

Church Militant Resistance is a grassroots movement that helps Catholics connect, develop and take action. Our goal is to resist and reverse the evil that has infiltrated our Church and culture.

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