Psychomoralitics: The Catholic Answer to Psychological Struggles

Paul Brock

As many of you know,

We are now asking for your help to spread the word. 

True Catholic psychology is all about embracing the cross, while mainstream psychology is all about avoiding it.

Not just for those struggling with perceived mental disorder, our 10-episode series is also meant for those who know somebody in these situations (and that is likely everybody).

Parents and teachers, even bishops and priests, all tend to direct people to secular therapy or some watered-down "Catholic" counseling when they are told about someone's depression or anxiety, for example.

Secular psychology, as many of you know, is demonic, as it affirms and promotes the most grievous of sins. Mainstream Catholic psychology, although not as bad as secular psychology, still compromises the Faith, so it is incapable of properly studying and treating the soul.

Dr. Dilsaver calls the Thomistic approach to mental health psychomoralitics, which is the only psychology that does not, in any way, compromise true philosophy and theology.

Psychomoralitics, focused on assenting to truth and choosing the good, is the antidotal response to the mental health system's de-souling of psychology and psychiatry.

"Dr. G.C. Dilsaver is rightly considered by many to be the father of Christian psychology," said Catholic University of America Press back in 2007.

Although there are different versions of Catholic psychology and psychotherapy, we believe Dilsaver's Thomistic approach to be the truest form.

This belief is also shared by Fr. Kenneth Baker, former editor of Homiletic & Pastoral Review, who said this about Dilsaver’s work: "In this treatise on clinical psychology, we find a current presentation which is fully in accord with traditional scholastic philosophy and theology."

Please watch our new series, learn the basics of psychomoralitics and get this into local communities (schools, parishes, etc.).

As Catholics, we know the struggles of life are never just physical. Rather, they are always soul-deep; that is, there are always spiritual realities that must be taken into account. Because psychomoralitics is based in Thomistic philosophy, which leads straight to the Holy Faith, this series is a great tool for anyone looking to strengthen their faith. It leads souls to a stronger embrace of the cross — the only source of peace and freedom.

Buy the full DVD set here, or watch the series on our website if you have a Premium account (episodes 1–6 are out, and 7–10 will be added in the next couple of weeks as we publish new episodes every Friday morning).

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