Resistance Mobilizes to Denounce Pride Festival

Venice FL Resistance

Church Militant's Venice Resistance chapter joined hundreds of conservative Floridians decrying the annual Naples Pride Festival.  

‍On March 1 2023, the Naples City Council heard comments before voting on weather to allow the festival to proceed.

Since 2017, Naples, Florida has hosted an annual Pride Festival that raises money for the Naples pride organization whose mission is to “unite and empower the LGBTQ community ... to educate and foster social change and equality for all.” 

Church Militant Resistance member Mike McDonald was one of many to make a public comment to the council outlining the horrors at these festivals. 

Resistance members and others also protested outside, holding signs and chanting with bullhorns. They advocated for an end to events like this in which drag queens target children with a message that glorifies sin.

Unfortunately, the City Council voted 5 to 2 to allow the festival to proceed. Even with this disappointing outcome, Resistance Captains Ron and Beebe are glad members took action to raise awareness about what’s involved in events like this.

This is the type of protest any Catholic can spearhead. All it takes is proper communication and organizing. I challenge you to find out what your local city council is voting on. You never know when an opportunity will come up for you to fight for truth.

For more information on the activities of the Venice resistance chapter, email captains Ron and Beebe at     

If your Resistance chapter does not have a captain and you are interested in Resistance leadership, email for details.    

Church Militant Resistance is a grassroots movement that helps Catholics connect, develop and take action. Our goal is to resist and reverse the evil that has infiltrated our Church and culture.

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