Sexualizing Our Lord? Resistance Responds

St. Louis Resistance

On April 7, Good Friday, a “Sexy Jesus” pageant was held at the Aurora event venue in St. Louis. A St. Louis priest alerted St. Louis Resistance to the event.

Resistance members Jason Bolte and Dan Hinrichs took the lead on contacting fellow members and making signs for the prayerful demonstration. Roughly 30 Catholics prayed the complete 15 decade Rosary on the opposite side of the street as they watched about 50 event attendees enter the venue.  

Resistance members praying the Rosary outside the event

The event website described the event as:

A one of a kind pageant, second to nun, this miraculous display of Sexy Jesuses is certain to entertain a sea of audience disciples. If you really want to make your Friday “Good” grab a ticket and witness our contestants display their talents in the Show Us Your Good Side category. They’ll also be gracing our stage in their Sunday Best and enduring an interrogation by our judges in The Inquisition. Who will be crowned the first Sexy Jesus of St. Louis? Grab your tickets, and join us April 7th, 2023 to find out! 

Promotional poster for Pageant

The venue, Aurora, claims to be “a place for everyone to access their most inspired selves. Whether you’re using the space for your own project or participating in one of our events, we hope to spark a sense of creativity and aw (sic) you can’t experience elsewhere.”

Inside the Aurora event venue in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis Resistance captain Jim Murphy said of the event: “One [person] going into this event is too many. He [Satan] does not like it but we have to keep telling people that [he] is out there and with praying and fasting to God, and showing him reverence, maybe we can get The Holy Spirit to say to the people across the street, look at the courage of these 30 people saying The Rosary.”
 For more information on the activities of St. Louis Resistance, contact Captain Jim Murphy at

Pageant attendees wait across the street from Resistance for pageant to begin

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