Shows and and Additional Resources

Contraception in the Dark Age - Part 1 of a 4 part series. Where we are and how we got here. Join Dr. Martin Brenner for this first of a four-part series on the moral evils of contraception.
Mic'd Up tackles hot-button Catholic and political issues with clear commentary and hard-hitting guest interviews.
A daily panel discussion designed to connect the dots for you about the crisis in the Church and give you the bigger picture.
Short hints and tips for Catholics talking about the Faith.
Have you ever wondered why some churches distribute Our Lord's Sacred Body onto the tongue of the faithful during Holy Communion? Why do you think most churches in the West promote the reception of Communion in the hand? In this show, you will find out the real reason why Communion in the hand has been so widely accepted and what the Popes have said about this abuse.
What did Pope St. John Paul II mean when he called for a "New Evangelization"? We share with you the origins, methods and practices of Catholic evangelizing.