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Resistance is about fighting disinformation and corruption. NOW more than ever we NEED citizen journalists. If you have an original story or want to share your experience in the field then fill out ALL of the boxes below.
As your chapter continues to fight corruption, it’s crucial that we here at Church Militant report on your initiatives — to encourage other faithful Catholics.

Below is an outline of the protocol for taking footage and sending it to HQ for us to use in various Church Militant programs. When taking footage:
               · Only shoot landscape
· Slowly pan the area (be sure to pause from time to time)
               · Do not speak while panning
               · Use a gimbal if one is available (tutorial) 

There are three shots you want to capture:
1. The crowd as a whole (one must be several yards away in order to grab a larger
2. Individuals among the crowd (one must be closer up, perhaps even among the crowd)
3. The location/event/people the crowd is demonstrating against (capture both the crowd and the venue)When       filming is complete, upload the clips to DropBox and share with Then send an       email informing us that you’ve sent footage, and explain the event being covered. All your core members should       be familiar with this process, and it should be adhered to at each Resistance event and at all events Resistance       attends. Please acknowledge that you have read and understood this message. As always, please ask any       questions you may have

If you have questions on how to uncover a story, click here to donate so we can develop our Resistance citizen journalist curriculum. Note: This is not a tip line. If you have a tip or want to work with Resistance, have your captain send an email to If you don't have a captain, send us an email to the same account.

Please upload all personal footage you capture to dropbox and share it with us at !
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