Church Militant Resistance

What We Do

Church Militant Resistance is a grassroots movement that helps Catholics connect, develop and take action. Our goal is to resist and reverse the evil that has infiltrated our Church and culture.

How We Do It

Resistance chapters are organized by diocese. A chapter captain organizes and leads the group. For too long, Catholics nationwide feel not only alone but hopeless in the corrupt world. Resistance is Church Militant's service provided for you so you can forge relationships with local Catholics and collectively fulfil your obligation to obtain salvation through faith and works.

Connect - You are not alone in this fight! Your chapter captain will communicate with you and your fellow members regularly via email blasts, texting groups and phone conversations.

Develop - Your fellow chapter members shouldn't remain strangers to you. Once proper lines of communication are established, the chapter should meet regularly so members can get to know each other and build relationships. Bible studies, faith formation discussions, or watching Church Militant premium content as a group are just a few ideas of chapter activities to develop as a group.

Take Action - Your chapter should regularly communicate about local events and what can be done in response: protesting a drag queen story hour, canceling wicked clerics’ speaking engagements, praying outside an abortion mill, or submitting testimony to your local legislator to stop immoral bills. There’s no shortage of ideas for initiatives. Check this website for reports about local Resistance efforts.

Resistance Prayer

O Glorious Trinity, Source of all Being, we beg You to come to the aid of Your suffering Church, the Eternal Bride of the Second Person.

Holy Mother Church is assailed from every side and even from within by the forces of evil seeking Her destruction.

Grant us the grace, wisdom, knowledge and strength to resist the attacks.

Inflame in us the gifts of the Third Person given to us in the sacrament of confirmation.

Preserve us as warriors of the Church Militant, in a perpetual state of sanctifying grace so that our wills may be conformed to yours. Holy and Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, come and protect your children.

Assist us in resisting all manner of evil that so afflict your children. Saint Peter and St. James as Holy Apostles, you each instruct us through your writings, inspired by the Third Person, to resist the devil. (1 Peter 5:9; James 4:7)

We hereby dedicate ourselves to this holy instruction, to resist the devil — inside ourselves primarily, and wherever we encounter the demon exterior to our souls — most especially coiled up in the Church.

We make this prayer with complete confidence in the Divine Providence, fully confident that all evil is permitted by You to show forth a greater glory and bring about a greater good.

The Church Militant unites our prayers and efforts as always with the Church Suffering and Church Triumphant as we look forward to being united in eternity in continual glory with You, Holy Trinity.


Disclaimer: At no point will Church Militant be held liable for any of the actions of Resistance captains or chapters. These are legally independent entities with no formal affiliation with Church Militant.