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Public libraries are no longer a place for kids or even adults, for that matter. They have become hubs of X-rated material designed to sexualize children and debase human sexuality to the lowest common denominator.

Pro-LGBTQ+ books for kids

This past Sunday afternoon, a good friend, part of the Church Militant Resistance crew, stopped by my home. She was carrying a couple of heavy bins of library books. Both bins were chock-full of pro-LGBTQ+ books for kids. Some were rainbow-colored, some were comic books, some were paperbacks, and some were hardcovers, but all were designed to foist on kids the deviant gender agenda.

My friend explained her visit and the books: "I am entrusting these to your care for the next week or so. Please say some deliverance prayers over them, Father!"

As she unpacked the bins and placed the books across my sofa, she explained, "A group of us, all concerned parents, signed these out of our local public library yesterday so that they would not fall into the hands of our youth."

As she shuffled the books around on the sofa. She concluded: "What we will do with these books after Pride Month is over, we have yet to figure out. But please hang on to this demonic filth for us for the time being."

Parents must take back control of libraries.

All of the books my Resistance friend removed from the shelves of the public library — in an effort mirroring that of other concerned U.S. parents — constitute propaganda by LGBTQ+ proponents aiming to groom and ruin children.

Her visit confirmed for me what self-proclaimed "library watchdog" and author Dan Kleinman told me about the importance of parents resisting the American Library Association's push to fill libraries with pornographic materials targeting children.

"Please get involved and stay involved, no matter what names they call you," the moderator of the SafeLibraries blog said.

He added:

Parents must take back control of libraries, and the best way is by getting on library boards and removing the influence of the American Library Association. If parents do nothing, ALA retains control, and it "reframes" adult material as diversity and inclusion, leaving children exposed to adult material. Do not be complacent. Now that parents are waking up to reality, ALA is ratcheting up its activities that harm children — even the White House has jumped on board with ALA ideology.

After my friend left, I perused the contents of the bins.

A Look at the Books

Children's section at the public library

The total number of LGBTQ+ books checked out by the group of concerned parents is 34, representing a total of over 9,500 printed pages of propaganda.

Some of the titles of the books are

  • What's the T? (pushing transgenderism)
  • The Pride Guide
  • Queer! The Ultimate Guide for Teens
  • The Book of Pride
  • The ABC's of LGBTQ+ and
  • Gender Quest.

Common themes emerged in the 34 publications, including

  • Homosexuality and gay sex are all A-OK
  • There are no downsides to being gay
  • What feels good for you is right
  • What gender you are born with no longer matters; you can change, and
  • Don't accept any pushback about being LGBTQ+ from anyone — not your parents, family or friends.

It was clear that the books have no intrinsic value, either from an educational or cultural standpoint. None are a work of Shakespeare in the rough. Most significantly, there is no spiritual dimension. God is not only dead in the books; He does not exist. Simply put, they are propaganda designed to indoctrinate youth into a queer lifestyle. If you doubt me, listen to the chants at the New York Pride Parade this weekend: "We're queer. We're here. We're coming for your children."

Looking at two books more closely reveals the depth of the atheistic, depraved pro-LGBTQ+ doctrine they promote.

Sick 'Sacrament'

The Pride Guide by Jo Langford, published in 2018, boasts of being the complete guide to sexual and social health for LGBTQ+ youth.

The Pride Guide by Jo Langford

Nowhere in this book is there a mention of God or a higher power. In the short, two-page chapter called "The Religion Thing," Langford concedes that "many queer people do find a way to mesh their beliefs and identity together." But, the chapter is really just about bullying.

"Coming out," on the other hand, holds great significance for Langford. If the author believed in the sacred, it would be tantamount to a sacred rite, akin to the sacrament of confirmation for Catholics. Langford dedicates a chapter to this so-called rite.

She describes it this way: "'Coming out' is the process of accepting and being open about one's sexual orientation, particularly when one's orientation is not straight. This is part of being healthy, being true to yourself, and being the most 'you' you can be."

I suppose it's vital that you do the ritual correctly so that you get all the graces from this black sacrament.

Throughout Langford's book, she adheres to the belief that what feels good is right. Indeed, this is her main theme. It is also the anti-Christian occultist Aleister Crowley's hedonistic commandment: "Do what thou wilt." For Langford, as with Crowley,  the subjective feelings of a person are what make something good. Catholics, by contrast, understand something as good only in how it adheres to God's natural law.

No Treatise on Transing

The ABC'S of LGBT+by Ashley Mardell

Ashley Mardell's The ABC'S of LGBT+, published in 2016 and overpriced at $16.08 on Amazon, is advertised as a "powerful tool for those that might be questioning their own identity." It reiterates for 189 pages that changing your identity and surgically removing parts of your body to suit the new transgender ideology is as easy as the ABCs.

Mardell justifies her theme, saying: "Learning about new identities broadens our understanding of humanity, heightens our empathy, and allows us different, valuable perspectives."

There is no discussion of how the fraudulent trans ideology pervaded the medical profession, who is really pushing the agenda, how schools are involved and how it is being used to separate children from their families.

There is no input from doctors opposed to transgender ideology. There are no cautions about the dangers of trans surgeries. There's nothing about the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the drugs and surgeries. There's nothing about the lifelong struggle to maintain the changes or repair the damage wrought by the mutilation of healthy body parts. There's nothing about the ethics of fast-tracking trans surgeries — including for people with autism.

There's nothing about how transgender ideology denies basic truths about the human person.

This is not a guide in the true sense of the word. It is a work of fiction.

The author, currently going by the pseudonym Ash Hardell, recently underwent a radical mastectomy, having her perfectly healthy breasts removed because she fancies herself a man. Mardell — aka Hardell — posted a video of herself after surgery in which she dances shirtless in men's underwear. The perversity of posting half-naked pictures of herself celebrating the surgical removal of her breasts matches the perverse advice in her book.

Get involved in your local library, and take it back from the leftist, godless commies.

The reality is that most public libraries are not safe for kids. It is foolhardy for them to be left unattended in what was once a safe space. The only option for a parent is for parents and guardians to accompany their children to the library and be very careful of the materials they peruse.

Kleinman, the stalwart advocate for children and for making public libraries safe for kids again, urges parents to "get involved in your local library, and take it back from the leftist, godless commies."

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