‘The Catholic Docs’ Podcast

Alaska and Detroit Resistance

When Dr. Cindy and Dr. Cydney joined Church Militant Resistance, they had no idea what lay ahead for them in the virtual world of the internet.

"The Catholic docs," as they are known on YouTube and Rumble, met after an initial encounter at a CM Resistance Boot Camp in Florida, and met again at the Retreat on Land given by Church Militant in Texas.

Their individual reasons for joining Resistance with their husbands were similar. They saw the destruction of the Church and wanted to do more to help people become aware of the evil attacking humanity in and out of the Church.

Not only did they want to help people wake up to these attacks, but they also wanted to counter them, and CM Resistance gave them this opportunity.

After spending quality time together at the Retreat on Land in Dallas, they discovered they had much in common. They had both medically retired from Federal Service, held doctorates in psychology, and had a desire to use their psychology from a Catholic perspective.

This led to discussions about starting a podcast to talk about psychology from a Catholic point of view, as a means of sparking conversation about these topics of our time. This made perfect sense since both Dr. Cindy and Dr. Cydney had doctorate degrees in psychology, both strongly believed in the One True Faith as Catholic women, and both realized some conversations can be difficult to initiate with others.

Within a few months, they recorded their first episode of Women at the Well, initially geared towards women, but later changed its name to target everyone, as the topics were universal.

The podcast, now called The Catholic Docs, presents a new topic each week. Its purpose is to have conversations about psychology from a Catholic perspective to help others understand and navigate this fallen world.

The hosts tackle a different cultural topic each week and explore it using Thomistic and secular psychology. Through this approach, they hope others can begin to understand how Satan uses our psyches to manipulate our emotions and behavior. Armed with this knowledge, people can put their intellect back in the driver's seat, as God intended.

Dr. Cindy has a doctorate in counseling psychology with a strong focus on Thomistic psychology, which she uses in her practice of spiritual direction and coaching. She and her deacon husband, Dez, have started an apostolate in which they help Catholics rediscover their Catholic Faith in everyday life, and both belong to the CM Resistance in Alaska.

Dr. Cydney has a doctorate in clinical psychology worked as a psychologist in a VA medical center for many years. She has specialized training in PTSD and anxiety treatments. Dr. Cydney, who is retired, and her husband, Jeff, are members of the CM Resistance in Michigan.

You can listen to the podcast on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Church Militant Resistance is a grassroots movement that helps Catholics connect, develop and take action. Our goal is to resist and reverse the evil that has infiltrated our Church and culture.


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